Christian names for boys

When it comes to naming your little ones, Christian names for boys can bring out the best attributes in them and help you build a strong family unit.

Some of the most popular Christian names for boys are Michael, Robert, or Jonathan. Some of the unique names are named after characters in the Bible, Such as Methuselah.

Other commonly found Christian names for boys are Andrew and Matthew. These names come from bible stories and can bring with them many years of happiness. The Bible has many beautiful stories regarding love, war, and adventure.

The meanings of some of these names are as follows: Matthew is a name that has meaning relating to faith. You may even find baby boy names that have implications relating to the baby’s religion.

Christian names for boys in the Old Testament

Some popular Christian baby boy names include Joshua, Obadiah, and Samuel. These three names have origins in the Old Testament.

And each of these names means “God is my shepherd.” Another example of a unique name for boys is Zebadiah, a name that originates from the city of Nineveh, located in Israel. And the meaning of this unusual name is “shepherd of the flock.”

What if you don’t want to use one of the familiar biblical names for boys?

If that’s the case, there are several unique baby boy names out there you can choose from. One of the best names for boys is Chance.

When looking for unique Christian baby boy names, you don’t have to be restricted by a traditional religious name.

If you’re hoping to develop a special character that doesn’t have to do with a religion, you will find plenty of unisex variations available. You might consider words like Landon, which means “Abraham,” meaning “life.”

If you want something a little more secular, you might consider Some examples of unisex variations on the name gender meaning “man” are Alex, which stands for “adventurous,” and Harry, which is a play on the term “hope.”

Other popular variations on the name gender meaning “man” include Benjamin, which stands for handsome and blondish, and Chase, a play on the word chaser.

The more popular names for boys take a more direct meaning from God

Some of the more famous names for this type of boy are Adam, which means reverend and is a name shared by the God of the Bible, and Michael, which means “God is greater than I.”

Both characters have other meanings in the Bible as well, so you’ll want to look around for different versions of these names when choosing your son’s name. A more spiritual name would be a beanie, which means handsome and familiar for young men. Naming your son Joshua, which means “God is my judge,” is another good choice for a boy. Go to How many Christians in America?

The more popular Christian baby girl names start with the letter g, and that’s not a coincidence. Because it’s such a common name, it means excellent in more ways than one.

It’s a short name, but if you give it some thought, you’ll find that the many possible spellings mean different things, too, including great, God, great, mighty, etc.

The name Gabriel means “God is gracious,” while Avram means “king.” You don’t have to choose a character based on who is most likely to use it, but the more unique the name, the better.

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