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Christians in Pakistan, according to the 2021 census, the Christian population in Pakistan has been estimated at about 1.27 percent of the overall population.

Of those, around half are Catholic and the rest Protestant. There may be some changes due to larger Christian populations in other areas of Pakistan, as well as migration, but the Christian population will remain steady in Pakistan.

About a hundred thousand Christians have migrated to Pakistan from neighboring countries like India and Nepal in the past few years.

Christians in Pakistan

Christianity is spreading ever-faster across the country. The first census records for this faith date back to the 6th century. Christianity has had many centuries of development and many followers. By the 20th century, Islam was gaining ground as a major religion. Christianity, however, had gained a foothold here in the form of local church structures.

Over the past two decades, there have been a substantial Christian presence here in the country. Many converts from Islam have been made here to follow Christ. They form a significant part of the rural populace. In fact, Christians form the greatest majority in the southern part of the country.

The demographic profile of Christians in Pakistan closely follows the ethnic pattern of the country. There are many Pakistani Christians who are converts from Islam. Some were able to free themselves from the Muslimoos and join their brothers in Pakistan. Others joined the army and fought in the wars. They came back as heroes.

Many Christians in Pakistan 

There are mainly Sindh Hindus and Sindh Muslims. But now there is a tendency for them to form one community against the other. This is a normal happening in any country where there are many religions.

The younger generation of Christians has largely accepted life as a non-Muslim. They form the largest religious community in the country. They have created a feeling of equality among all.

Christians are active participants in the society

Take part in all the festivals and social events. Members of the parties at the national level. Participate actively in many patriotic movements and try to build their community and identity. They are ready to sacrifice their lives for the nation. They are ready to work generously for the welfare of their community.

The government should make it a point to recognize and promote the right kind of Christian representation. The blasphemy laws against Christians are frequently flouted. The blasphemy laws are used against minorities too often. A genuine Christian community in Pakistan is rare to find.

The government 

The government should remember that Christians form an integral part of the population. All this means that the government cannot afford to alienate anyone.

Christians form a major portion of the professionals and skilled workforce. This has led to some problems in the past.  Many employers did not hire them and treated them with disdain, the situation is not very different in the public sector.In some countries like El Salvador every day Protestant Christians are more

Christians have many organizations 

The government should take steps to ensure that they do not face discrimination. The government should work towards eliminating the barriers to fair treatment of minorities. You can see Why christians don’t celebrate Halloween?


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