The Peace Festival

The Peace Festival is on it's 4th year and we are expanding. The event was originated by a high school student Cayla Adams who wanted to have a peaceful event to support the shooting of Mike Brown to combat the riots. She gained support from the city of Belleville and was able to host this event every year since 2016! Sponsored by The Center for Racial Harmony this will be a free public event promoting diversity and unity! The theme this year is "Love Thy Neighbor". We are partnering with various organizations that provide services to the community such as Call for Help, R3, and such organizations that deal with mental health, tutoring, and job assistance. I am the coordinator this year as Cayla has gone off to college and I am very excited for our lineup this year. We have partnered with the city of Fairview Heights to hold the event this year in the lovely Moody Park. There will be food and a diverse group of entertainers and a diverse group of music. We want to exemplify the true meaning of the scripture love the neighbor.


Moody Park
525 S Ruby Lane
Fairview Heights, IL 62208
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