How many Christians in China

How many Christians in China? There are about 50 million Christians in China, according to the Global China Center and the Holy Spirit Study Centre.

These figures do not include children under the age of sixteen and are based on polling. Other sources, such as World Christian Database and the Holy Spirit Study Center, have higher estimates, but most surveys only count adults. These estimates are a good starting point for identifying the number of Christians in China.

One study found that about 58.9 million people are Christian in China. The number of Christians in China may be even higher. The study was so comprehensive that it was possible to determine how many people follow Christianity in China. It is estimated that as many as 80 million people are Christian in China, about 1/10 of the total population. In addition, some minorities practice religion in China.

How many Christians in China? The Increase

The Three-Self Patriotic Movement, or Threeself, reported that there are 38 million Christians in China. This represents an annual increase of 6.5% from 2004 to 2016. Although Christianity is largely a minority in China, there are still several tens of millions of Christians.

While this number isn’t as large as what you might expect, it’s a significant amount. There are even villages that are predominantly Christian but are not in any major cities.

As far as the number of Christians goes, there is no clear answer to how many Christians there are. In the 1950s, there were just two million Christians, and in 1949, only one percent of the population was Christian. However, that number has climbed to more than 25 million.

Today, the public security bureau has several about 35 million Christians. While this number may not be a precise figure, it is enough to know how many people practice the Christian religion in China.


According to Stark’s survey, there are 60 million Christians in China. However, this isn’t a precise number because it does not include children under the age of sixteen. The survey also excludes a significant minority of Christians.

As a result, it’s difficult to estimate the number of Christians in China. This group includes parents and children, which means it’s difficult to count the number of Christians.

Besides the obvious question, how many Christians are in China?

The number of Chinese Christians is a mystery. The official government only counts a small number of Christians in China. That’s why the number of Christians is so low. The vast majority of Christians live in rural areas and live-in smaller towns.

This makes it difficult to gather precise numbers, as it’s hard to estimate how many Christians are in a country as large as China.

While the number of Christians is not known, there are many Protestants and Catholic Christians outside of the country. The number of Catholics in China is a mere six-digit number, while the number of Christians in the USA is over seven hundred million. While it’s easy to count the number of non-Christians, the numbers of non-Christians are much more difficult to calculate.

As a result, it’s hard to estimate how many Christians are in China

While the number of Catholics is still much larger than the number of Protestants, most Chinese Christians are Catholic. In 2005, approximately 6% of Chinese people believed in a “Christian God” in China.

The state government estimates there are between thirty- and forty-five million Christians. A further 2% of Chinese people consider themselves Christian. You can read to How to write lyrics to christian music?

While the number of Chinese Christians has grown steadily in recent years, Chinese believers have remained stagnant. By 2020, there will be more than 116 million Protestants in China. As a result of the church’s persecution, the number of Christians has remained relatively stable. This trend of a majority of Christians in the country will likely increase shortly.

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