Michael W. Smith

Michael W Smith, he has said that he cannot remember the first time he picked up a guitar, but he learned how to play by listening to some rock music.

Michael Smith is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist. He is best known for his work as a member of the rock band Taking Back Sunday.

A special album called Healing Rain was recently released by Michael W Smith, this CD contains worship songs that have been rearranged and mixed by Smith. The album contains love songs, peace songs, and messages of hope and healing.

Songs by Michael W. Smith

Smith has arranged and composed hymns for the church and special gatherings. “Hymn to Joy” is an arrangement of the Old Thanksgiving sermon “Hymn to Joy.” The hymn includes a lengthy explanation of the meaning of Thanksgiving. Smith states that he has used the quote from Acts 15: 33 when arranging the hymns for this service.

  • I will be here for you
  • Let it rain
  • Draw me Close
  • Awesome God
  • Agnus Dei

Amy Grant wrote and sang backup for Smith’s previous album “Worship.” Amy Grant was a member of the gospel group Back in Black and later played piano in the rock band Highway to God.

Michael W. Smith has used her voice on several of his Christian music albums including.” The song “I am a Child of God” was released as the lead single from Christmas in the Fall of 2021. It features verses by gospel artists such as Langford Marsalis and Endymion Smith.

Smith has composed many songs that have been featured on various Christian music albums. One song, “Worship” was released as the lead single from Christmas in the Fall of 2021.

Smith chose the popular Christmas song “Worship” because of the lyrics. Smith specifically stated that he was not wanting to do a cover version of “Worship,” but rather incorporate “feel good” lyrics in the song. Amy Grant was the vocalist and performed most of the instrumental part of the song.

Smith’s music has received critical acclaim in the Christian community

The award was given to Smith as a way to recognize him as an effective and noteworthy leader in the gospel music industry, Go to What is Christian music?

Smith has also worked as a recording artist with other artists, most notably with Faith Hill. He has also released several solo albums.

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