A new poll revealed 12% drop in the number of those who identify with the religion Christian. I have to say is a question myself this saddens me to see the 12% drop in these numbers are you confident?

Do you have faith that this can be reversed?  I’m not sure it can but I hope it will be. You can attribute a number of things, the secularization of our country

Failure of parents to pass on their faith to children but i think the pandemic has played a role in this. It hurt the spirit of America. We have been disconnected from one another, other Christians, disconnected from our churches and that takes a toll on people’s spiritual health.

Christianity wasn’t designed to be practiced in isolation

It is a team sport; Hebrews chapter 10 of the New Testament says we need the encouragement that comes from one another.

I encourage Christians who may have been disconnected from their church sees Christmas to reconnect with their houses of worship.

We need the encouragement that comes from Christian

You say without Christianity and without Christ there would be no hospitals, no orphanages. They’ve gotten away from that and forget about that.

But Christmas is the time we can remember that because you always carry to all these places you can donate to one Christmas and hopefully that will bring the Christmas message back to get to this.

You referenced Luke 211 in your Christmas message, tell us about that

There are a lot of consequences had there been no Christ, no benevolent organization like the red cross or the salvation army. We would even have to get rid of our calendars.

When we write 2022 it has been 2021 years since the most important life that ever walked. The face of the earth but the most devastating consequence of no Christmas would be nobody to offer us the forgiveness of our sins.

Somebody set of man’s greatest need was for many God would have sent an economist. Of our greatest need was for education god would have sent as a teacher. But our greatest need was for forgiveness and that is why God sent a savior and in Luke 2. You can read to The Jesus Music.

The angels said to the shepherds and he was important this day in the city of David a savior. That is the real message of Christmas.

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