why christians don't celebrate halloween

Why don’t Christians celebrate Halloween? Which is the answer? There are a variety of solutions, but we want to give you a simple and easy-to-understand answer about this celebration.

The truth is that Christians do not celebrate Halloween because a celebration. That seeks to exalt the devil is considered something utterly contrary to Christian belief.

Halloween is an annual celebration observed in various nations worldwide on October 31. Just before the traditional Western Christian festival of All Saints’ Day. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fanfare in towns, cities, and large towns. Where there are parties all night long and children ask for sweets in some places.

In some parts of the world, the celebration has begun to lose its importance as the rise of Christianity in these regions has weakened the festival with fewer followers every day.

Why don’t we Christians celebrate Halloween?

In Europe, Halloween is a nightly festival associated with trick or treating. Halloween shows that this Halloween tradition developed in Ireland. The Celts celebrated the Celtic New Year with many songs and dances. Including an entire day dedicated to the festivities to rid the world of evil.

Halloween will also show that pagans would go to the forest to communicate with the dead during this time of year. This practice is associated with Halloween folklore and the tradition of the soul tha time.

Recovering or seeking one’s soul or spirit. Many Christians consider Halloween a pagan holiday, which the Puritans revived in the 16th century due to the type of elements associated with this practice.

As Christians, this festival has the complete opposite of the teachings of the bible for the life of Christians.


While most of us look forward to Halloween day. Many find it somewhat disturbing. Many Christians feel that Halloween is a pagan holiday that invokes the devil and his agenda.

This without neglecting that there is much evidence that Satanists. Consider it their most important day of the year, they make sacrifices to the devil. You can see more about Christians in our article What Christians believe?

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